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About Me



Video Production

Graphic Design


I'm a recent graduate from Yale University with a Bachelors in Anthropology. I wrote my undergraduate thesis on the personality of brands and the way that the internet affects the ways people perceive corporations. I am trained in ethnographic methodology including participant observation.


I have worked with videography for the greater part of the last decade. Starting as an anchor for my high school's television station turned into working as one of the Editors on the television desk at the Yale Daily News. 

I've worked internships at Business Insider, Consumer Reports and CNBC. I have specialized in videos made especially for social media, but I would like to switch into working with a longer form medium.

I spent the last year in South Korea, working on increasing my proficiency in Korean and learning more about Korean culture. Through my time in Korea I've learned to not take the clean air of America for granted. I would like to work on projects related to the environment and making the world and global economy more sustainable.

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